General Notes

All downloads in this section are what you could call general downloads. This means that the downloads offered in this section apply to any version Unreal, like: Unreal, UT, Unreal II, UT2003, UT2004, or UT3.

In general this applies to programs that work outside Unreal like Photoshop, The GIMP, Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, MilkShape, etc. But also computer related things, like videocard drivers and/or fixes, and by that you can think of anything that makes sure your game will run properlly.

Obviously you can also find downloads for TS and similar programs like Ventrilo.


On the forums you can share info with others or ask questions about this site. In general i check at least once a day to see if there are new post being made. And normally i try to give everybody an answer ASAP, but in the case i am not feeling to well this can take longer, as my health often is not how it should be.

The forums are split up into the four games that are offered on this site being:

- Unreal
- UT
- UT2004
- UT3

Than there are 2 more sections:

- 3D Editing (disfunctional for the moment till all downloads are added to the site)
- 2D Editing (disfunctional for the moment till all downloads are added to the site)

And than there is the general section about the site itself.


Most downloads have not been added to this site, but at the same time they are, if you are downloading in the Unreal, UT, UT2004 or UT3 section, than downloads that apply to this part of the site are (unnoticable to you) linked to here.


Though the contact area you can contact the site owner directly. If you fill in oné of the forms the site owner will receive an e-mail with you form and normally i will reply ASAP, and mostly you can exp[ect an e-mail back within 24 hours. Its not mandatorial, but if you ask a question than please leave an e-mail adress behind so i can contact you.

E-mail adresses will never be used for bulk mail, spam or any other crap that can happen if you leave an e-mail adress behind at some commercial sites. That also includes that e-mail adresses will never given out to anyone, or sold for that matter.


In the legal department you can find all legal info that aplies to this site or my work.


In the credits you can find all people and/or companies that contibuted me over the years, if you think you should be in that list, simply contact me :)


Not done yet, but tons of links will be added there in the near future.

Online Games

Yeah lol, you can play a game directly on this site, for now only oné game has been added, but its a cool oné. Just check it out, My highest score is 47 so far :)

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