Everyone that did help me build this site and my work on the textures.



- Of course Epic who created the games in the first place.

- BringIt, for her tremendous support for Unreal, the Celtic Warriors clan and our server, and the input she gave to the Unreal community.
- Thrasher, for being an awsome player.
- Silencer, for being a fool :P and a great mapper, and his input on both the Celtic Warriors site and the Unreal Texture site.

Bonekeeper, for his great maps and gameplay, and my inspiration for the Celtic Warriors site, may he rest in piece.......

- Havok for his support over the years, for all the work he does for the Unreal community by running gameservers, TS servers and always willing to give a hand.
- The HLK clan for being a great clan and a good opponent.

- Daniel from TNN who always did a great job on the Celtic Warriors gameserver and of course the Celtic Warriors website.

- Smirftsch from OldUnreal who made all OpenGL patches which made the S3TC textures for Unreal possible.
- Kerilk, for creating the Mergertool for me, without the tool the URProject and the UTRproject would have been useless.
-, for being a great fan of my work and bugreports, input and remarks.

- All the people on TS that simply were there while i am working on the textures.

- Adobe for making Photoshop.
- Macromedia for making DreamWeaver.
- Sandy Blair for making the HalfWrap filter, without the filter it would have taken 10-20 times more time to create the textures than i can do now.

The entire Unreal community for all the games, matches, input, wining, cheating and whatever more :)


All the others i forgot to mention




Brecht van der Sande

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