Info: Massive downloadcenter for anything outside the games itself.

General Notes

In the General downloadsection you can find all kind of downloads that are independend from any version of the game. Which means the downloads apply to everything outside Unreal, UT, UT2003, UT2004, Unreal II or UT3

2D Editing

- Photoshop:
Also downloads for Photoshop like:

  - Tools
- Filters
- Brushes
- Plugins
- Tutorials

- The GIMP:
You can download the Free Source photo editing program The GIMP. Also downloads for The GIMP like:

  - Tools
- Filters
- Brushes
- Plugins
- Tutorials

3D Editing

Prefabs, Models, Patches, 3D Programs, Tutorials and much more for:

  - Blender
- 3Ds Max
- Bryce
- LightWave
- Maya
- MilkShape
- Rhino 3D
- WorldBuilder


Here you can find drivers for NVidia and Radeon chipsets, but also all versions DirectX that we could find.


Inhere you can find various fixes for mainly Dual core problems and such. These fixes mostly apply to the older types of the Unreal series like Unreal and UT.


Inhere you can find a variaty of programs like TeamsSpeak, Trillian, Xfire, Net Framework, etc.

Documentation (Not yet added)

Various ducumentions, like EULA's.

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