This page gives an overview of my personal history with Unreal as well as the history of this site and its projects.


Starting to play Unreal

Back in 1999 i bought me a new videocard (Viper 330 with 16 Mb of memory) that also had a full copy of Unreal. Innitially i didnt play the game, since i didnt want to play another single player game after DOOM, DOOMII, Heretic, Quake, Quake II. Two years later i finally got a decent internet connection and decided to go give it a try again with a good friend of mine Derek (A.k.A. Plato) And for sure i had fun playing against another person instead of bots. Not too long after that we started playing on the net against other people. Mostly i went playing on the good ol Jolt server (where there were more botters than real players), but alla.

Blue Lords

But the main servers i went to were the DEZZY I and the DEZZY II servers both run by Bonekeeper A.K.A Bushbeater (real name Bill Elliot), who had a clan called the BlueLords. In reallity this ment they were always on the Blue team while all the other players had to play on the Red team against them regardless the amount of people on the Red and Blue team. Talking about unfair lol, it happened often that i played alone against 8 or 10 others, but i always had great fun doing so, because it ment i had alot of game against me that i could kill

The other cool part about that server was that all maps were homemade by BoneKeeper, and he did a great job on them. He always did build in secret areas where you could get super health, armour, and weapons with an endless amount of ammo (Sniper rifle with 800 rounds, or an Eightball with 800 granades) and of course Jumpboots and Invisibility. The secrets and invibility made it possible to fight agains another big team, and for sure added alot to the gameplay

BoneKeeper passed away.......

Only 3 months after i met BoneKeeper he passed away. About a month upfront i learned he had severe heartproblems and things werent going to well, and made me worried. Over the course of that month BoneKeeper kept playing shorter and shorter each time because he could be on his computer and got too tired and had to take a rest. Than, on a certain evening, when we were playing, he all of a sudden left the game without saying goodnight. Which is something he always did, he never left without saying goodnight and often even dropped in to come say goodnight.

The next day the DEZZY servers were offline and 3 days later i checked the site from Hellraiser together with Plato, and it was Plato who noticed the running bar on top were it said BoneKeeper had passed away........................

After i talked with BringIt and Hellraiser i came to the conclusion that had died shortly(half an hour) after the last game he played with me. Even though i had that eary feeling in that past month it still was a big shock to me, much more than i had expected.

Celtic Warriors

Prior to his death there was already being talked about splitting the clan up due to differences in opinions, and about 5 days after the demise of Bonekeeper the Celtic Warriors was a fact. About a week later, because the clanleaders kept beggin, i decided to go join them.

The big fight

Pretty much at the same time a big fight started between the BlueLords and Celtic Warriors about Bonekeeper. The Celtic warriors and mainly BringIt were made responsible for Bonekeepers death. At the same time the Celtic Warriors started to believe that Bill Elliot never died but only Bonekeeper did.... Personally i always though that he did die and I still regret that, and i also still believe that in their hearts the others did as well. In any case, both sides sayd horrible things to eachother and this must have been oné of the saddest moments of both clans.

The files lost for history..........

The other thing that happened was that Bonekeepers computer had been erase directly after his death, which ment all files and maps he made were lost. I asked Bonekeeprer several times to upload his work to his website but he never did. And i knew how to take maps out of cache which i already planned to go do. Talking about concidentel things, the day he died i needed to reinstall my computer and erased all cache files because i knew i could get them again from the server (normally i backup everything, but this time i didnt). And i planned to go take out everything form cache as soon as i got my computer online again. It was the first thing on top of my list, but after reinstall, the DEZZIE servers were gone.......

And i absolutelly was horrified about that, all his work was lost forgood, and that "almost" made me sadder than Bonekeeprs death because that would have been his legacy.

Than an even more horrible thing happened, 2 months later Hellraiser told me he would be offline for a day because he was gonna reinstall his computer and would erase his C drive at the same time. Not even half an hour after he left i was talking to BringIt about the lost maps, and she told me Hellraiser still had all his cache files but didnt know how to retrieve maps from those. And they didnt knew i could retrieve those, and again this eary feeling came over me, and sure enough 2 days later Hellraiser came back online and all cache files had been erased in the reformat.....

I was absolute horrified, and couldnt believe it was lost due a conversation that was a lousy 30 minutes too late. I was mad, I was disapointed, I was depressed, I could cry, I was everything, I simply couldnt believe this actually happened, but it did..................

BringIt did have cache files as well, and she did sent them to me, but this were cache files from the very last days, and only contained maps we already had (Bonekeeper did gave Hellraiser some 12 maps). The one thing that was in the cache files was his latest project in a very Beta stage.

The Celtic Warriors site

One positive thing came out of all this, i decided that this should never ever happen again. I took the Celtic Warriors site from Budlites hands and turned it into a massive downloadsite for Unreal and started to collect anything from Unreal and have it for download on the site, so nothing would ever go lost in history again. And up to this day its oné of the largest if not thé largest downloadsites for Unreal. Well, next to this site :)

URP Project

Somewhere in 2003

In the General downloadsection you can find all kind of downloads that are independend from any version of the game. Which means the downloads apply to everything outside Unreal, UT, UT2003, UT2004, Unreal II or UT3

UTRP project

In the General downloadsection you can find all kind of downloads that are independend from any version of the game. Which means the downloads apply to everything outside Unreal, UT, UT2003, UT2004, Unreal II or UT3

Brecht van der Sande

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