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A short note

If we mention Unreal on this site, that includes any version Unreal, UnrealGold or UnrealGold from the Anthology boxset, unless specified otherwise.

What patch to use ?

At this moment you can use the beta 227 patch, but there are a few things you need to know before you install the patch At this moment Patch 227I is available.

For players that have the old version Unreal without RTNP they can download the UnrealClassicPatch227I. Also patch 227I works alone with Unreal 224, if you have a lower number or are unsure what version you have patch it first with: Patch226Final If you do so you are sure patch 227I will properly install.

For Players that have Unreal and RTNP installed or UnrealGold, Unreal Anthology, UnrealGold from GOG or UnrealGold from Steam they should download UnrealGoldPatch227I

Patch 227 (latest release 11-11-2012 version I )

At this moment the 227 patch is in its advanced beta fase, so you already could try the patch if you want. Below are the latest downloads for the patch being version I. At this moment we do not have indebt installation notes for the patch, but for more info you can have a look at OldUnreal on this forum thread: Unreal 227 development and bug reporting

You can download the file either in zip, rar or 7z format. Most people download the zipfile or rarfile since those versions are easyer to handle because XP, Vista and Windows 7 already have the tools nativelly to unpack those files. On the other hand, the 7z files are alot more compressed which means a smaller download. In any case regardless what format you download, they all contain the exact same downloads.

Unreal without RTNP    
Classic Unreal 224, or patched to 226Final.  
  Zip format  
  UnrealClassicPatch227i.zip Aprox. 92 Mb
  Rar format  
  UnrealClassicPatch227i.rar Aprox. 81 Mb
  7z format  
  UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z Aprox. 78 Mb

Unreal with RTNP    
UnrealGold and Unreal Anthology  
  UnrealGold GOG and UnrealGold Steam  
  Zip format  
  UnrealGoldPatch227i.zip Aprox. 100 Mb
  Rar format  
  UnrealGoldPatch227i.rar Aprox. 88 Mb
  7z format  
  UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z Aprox. 84 Mb

Release Notes 227    
  HTML format  


Several projects are running from this site.

- The main project of course is the:
- Unreal-Retexturing-Project (URP or URProject for short)

But also other projects that make use of High Resolution textures like:
- Star Gate Command Project (SGC for short)
- Battle Star Gallactica-074 (BSG-074 or BSG Project for short)(not yet added).

Futurewise we will also host third party projects, but only if they have 100% support for High Resolution textures, since this is the main goal for the other projects and this site.You can either apply yourself, or you are invited to be hosted on this site. Obviously these needs to be serious projects.

You can find more info on the projects by clicking the Projects link in the leftside menu.

Texture Database

The site also host the Texture Database, inwhere you can view all textures online that are present in Unreal. For the purpose of good viewing the textures have all been brightened. In case there is a High Resolution texture available than you can view that in a size of 1024 x 1024 pixels. If you want to use that texture for your map than you are also able to download the full resolution PSD file in rar format.

You can view all textures by clicking on the Texture Database link in the leftside menu.


Tons of downloads on this site, anything you want as a mapper or player. To sum up a small list:

- The S3TC texture packages split into Low and High End videocards.
- Patches
- Some 3000+ maps.
- PreFabs Brushes
- Photoshop Filters
- The GIMP downloads and filters
- High Res PSD files
- Full game demos from othe Unreal engine based games
- And much more

You can check all downloads by clicking on the Downloads link in the leftside menu.

Tech Pages

In the techpages you can find any technical info about the game, editing, maping, texturing, etc. Keep in mind this is a brandnew site and we will add new info to this part of the site little by little.

You can check all tech pages by clicking on the Tech Pages link in the leftside menu.


Please help us, by reporting dead, broken or wrong links: