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You can use this contactform to contact the admins from this site, for broken links, requests for certain files, things you like to see added, copyright issues, etc. Everything regarding the site itself. If you find any error on the site, than please help us out by filling in this contactform, it really will take you only a few seconds to do so. We kinda depend on you guys and girls to make the site work correct :)

Submit a project

You have a project and you want to have your project part from this site, than fill in the info in this contactform. Keep in mind only projects that have full S3TC texture support will be added.

Submit your files

You have a map, brush, texturepackage, mod, tutorial or anything else you want submit to this site, than please use this contactform.


You want to have your adds running on this site, than please fill in the contactform for advertisers.


You need to fill in this contactform if you want access to our TeamSpeak server. Access in general will only be granted if you have a project running on this site, or you were invited otherwise to join our TeamSpeak server.

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