Info: The Battle Star Gallactica Project.


The BSG-074 Project will start somewhere in early march 2008. The map will be a remake from the spaceship BattleStar Gallactica seen in the new BSG series. The map will contain a complete layout as the original ship, based on the information available. All textures will be made from scratch, and will have full S3TC support. More info on the project will follow.


Unclear at this moment how many textures will be made for the map, info on that will follow. There will be a seperate package for CTF, that much is certain.

Brushes and PreFabs

Where possible all interesting used brushes will be released as seperate brushes (t3d) and in map format (.unr). Follow list of PreFabs will presumably be released:

- MarkV Viper
- Raptor
- Cylon Raider
- Dradis console


The map(s) and textures support follow gametypes:

- (Team)Deathmatch

Ports to other games

The map(s) and textures will also be ported to follow games:

- Unreal Tournament
- UT2004
- UT3

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