Info: Projects on this site. More projects can, and probably will be added to this site on later shedule.

Follow projects are running from this site:

Unreal Retexturing Project (URP or URProject)

The URProject is already running for almost 4 years now. The project has as goal to re-create all Unreal textures in a larger format and in true color. The project makes use of the technology developed by the video manufacturor S3 and the OpenGL / D3D8 / D3D9 patches created by Smirftsch from . Innitially the textures were made by recycling the already present S3TC textures from the 2nd UT CD. But nowadays most textures are made from complete scratch and more and more original UT S3TC textures are being replaced with higher quality versions.

The project is also extended to UT. Games like UT2004 and UT3 will also be able to use the textures, not as an upgrade, but as "new" textures for those games.

More info can be found in the link URP Project in the left menu.

UT For Unreal Project (UTFU or UTFU project)

This project has as goal to prevent further mismatches for texture packages that have been ported from UT to Unreal. Over the years there is like 5 - 10 different city.utx packages. The project now wants to re-release all the UT textures ported for the use in Unreal. In addition to that the textures wil also have full S3TC support.

More info can be found in the link UTFU Project in the left menu.

Conversion Project

The Conversion Project irs there for people that want to have their textures converted to S3TC. In case you are a modder, mapper or texture artist and you want to release your textures as S3TC textures than you need to go there.

More info can be found in the link Conversion Project in the left menu.

Star Gate Command (SGC Project)

The SGC project started started out 3 years ago with ChrishLk from the hLk clan who wanted to build a map based upon the movie Stargate and the SG1 series. Originally the project only covered one map, being DmSGC. Aside the fact that the map itself is a cool map, the other part that made it an actual project is the fact all textures are newly made from scratch and are all available in S3TC quality. All together there are some 2400 (that includes all animations) new textures made specifically for this project, and all are available in high resolution S3TC textures.

More info can be found in the link SGC Project in the left menu.

BattleStar Galactica -074 (BSG-074 Project)

This will be the latest project. The project is based upon the series BattleStar Gallactica, and speciffically the new series. The map will be a fair rebuild from the spaceship BattleStar Gallactica-074. Hundred of new textures will be created for this map.

More info can be found in the link BSG-74 Project in the left menu.

Project Hosting

Yes, if you want, we will host your project on this site.If your project supports S3TC textures, and you are being very serious about your project than we will host your project. Hosting such a project is of course for free. It is also possible that you are being asked to be hosted on this site.

More info can be found in the link Project Hosting in the left menu.

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