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Info: Info on the SGC project.


The SGC project started started out 3 years ago with ChrishLk from the hLk clan who wanted to build a map based upon the movie Stargate and the SG1 series. Originally the project only covered one map, being DmSGC. Aside the fact that the map itself turned out to be a cool map, the main reason that it became an actual project is the fact all textures are newly made from scratch and are all available in S3TC quality. All together there are over 2400 (including animations) new textures made specifically for this project, and all are available in high resolution S3TC textures.

In the movie it is possible to travel through a wormhole to another planet called Abydos, in the series they did travel to other worlds all over the universe. For the map we added Abydos sheer for decoration, and it must be the biggest decoration ever (32,000 x 32,000 UU). But if all goes well, Abydos will also be released as a seperate map were parts of the Star Gate Command will serve as Deco.


All the textures for the SGC map were made specifically to match that map, but more textures were added to make sure all packages are self supporting for other map builders. In effect, the map itself only makes use from 25% of all the textures present in the packages. The remaining 75% were added for other mappers. In that respect the textures will be of interest for other mappers.

There is also a seperated CTF package which also contain hundreds of brandnew (S3TC) textures. Innitially the textures were part of the main texture package. but seeing the amount of textures for CTF we decided to make a seperate package for it.

Brushes and PreFabs

Where possible all interesting used brushes will be released as seperate brushes (t3d) and in map format (.unr). The follow list of PreFabs willl be released:

- The Stargate
- The chairs
- The MALP
- LCD monitors
- CRT monitors
- The transporter rings (including the sequence for use)


The map(s) and textures support follow gametypes:

- (Team)Deathmatch

Ports to other games

The map(s) and textures will also be ported to follow games:

- Unreal Tournament
- UT2004
- UT3

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