Info: The Texture Database is the online database where you can view all textures present in Unreal.

Originally the Database was ment for the Unreal-Retexturing-Project to keep track of upgraded S3TC textures. This still is a goal for the Database, but the database is also very usefull for mappers to who can see online what textures are available in high resolution.

A short note

Important notes: Do not use these pictures for your game, for the purpose of good viewing on this site, all textures have been brightened, changed to index coloration and/or have been jpg compressed. To make sure you gain the best quality use the PSD downloads in the 2D download section. Textures in the Texture Database are for viewing only !

The Database is split up into 7 groups, like all downloads for the textures:

Stock Unreal

- The stock Unreal textures that came with the game.

Stock Unreal Gold

- The stock Unreal Gold textures that came with the game.

Stock Unreal

- The stock UT textures that came with the game Unreal. The packages given here are exluding the textures that already were released with Unreal. So all the packages are 100% UT specific. For the others check the Unreal stock textures.


- Textures created for important mods like CTF and Infiltration, etc.

User Made

- User made textures, which means homemade textures.


- The textures that were made by several texture artists like hourances, Diehard, Evil Liar, etc.

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